Why colorpHlex?

Why Colorphlex?
ColorpHlex Home Care and Styling products are the leader in color-treated hair care. Scientifically formulated with ColorStrong Complex and Sunflower Seed Extract, these products have been clinically proven to strengthen hair and keep your color looking vibrant.

How Does it work?
The ColorStrong Complex penetrates into the hair to fill in sites of damage, while the Sunflower Seed Extract protects against UV rays and fading.

Now you can keep your hair strong and your professional color healthy looking and vibrant between visits.


What is bond building?
The use of specially engineered molecules that attach themselves to damage sites on the keratin molecule which were created by oxidation. These “bond builders” are intended to correct the effects of this oxidative damage which includes visible dullness, dryness, brittleness and weakness to the point of breakage.  Since the damage is corrected as it occurs, the hair is able to not only survive what use to be highly damaging chemical treatments, but in the case of colorpHlex, it will thrive and is often stronger than before.

Why are we different from our competitors?
ColorpHlex has combined the new technology of bond building polymers and married it with nature. ColorpHlex uses ColorStrong Complex™ which is a combination of bond building co-polymer and protein. Protein not only adds strength to the hair, it is also an important part of the natural moisture factor of the hair. In addition, protein is key to the success of chemical services like hair coloring and permanent waving.

It is also engineered to not interfere with chemical services, so you do not have to change your color formula by increasing the volume of developer, nor do you have to process the hair a 10 extra minutes or more.

Why does being a naturally-derived product matter?
It is well know that the natural body is a marvel of engineering and most everyone knows that it is healthier and performs according to its design if it is not interfered with by synthetic and often toxic substances. That being said, sometimes the body needs a little extra-natural help. That is why we use medicines and other remedies, but is always best to boaster nature with nature.

Although colorpHlex is an engineered molecule it is made with a natural vegetable protein combined with a bond building complex centered on the second most abundant element on the planet. It’s a marriage made in “hair heaven” giving your hair the best of both worlds.


Hear from real stylists about why natural is important to them:

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