Q: What is bond building?
A: Bond building is the use of specially engineered molecules that attach themselves to damage sites, created by oxidation, in the hair.

Q. What is colorpHlex?
A. colorpHlex is a professional bond building system made with our specially formulated ColorStrong Complex™, which is a combination of a naturally derived vegetable protein and a co-polymer system, that repairs previous damage and produces strong, silky hair.

Q: What is ColorStrong Complex?
A: ColorStrong Complex is the trademarked name for the active ingredient in colorpHlex. It is a “complexed” molecule that is formed by the union of a hydrolyzed vegetable protein and a mineral based co-polymer, which has the ability to chemically bond to the damage sites in the hair that are caused by oxidation and other chemical and physical actions.

Q: Are there any dangerous chemicals in colorpHlex?
A: No. colorpHlex is naturally derived using no harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients. It contains no parabens, sulfates, MI/MCI, formaldehyde, PEG’s, dyes or Triclosan.

Q: Where can I get colorpHlex?
A: colorpHlex is distributed by select professional salon suppliers around the world. You can find your local distributor here.
If you have difficulty locating your distributor or if there is not one in your area call 1-855-PHLEX-IT (1-855-745-3948) or email us at [email protected]

Q: Can I order the salon size from the website?
A: To offer salons the best in service, we have aligned ourselves with distributors all over the USA and around the world. To find the distributor nearest you, click here.
If you have difficulty locating your distributor or if there is not one in your area call 1-855-PHLEX-IT (1-855-745-3948) or email us at [email protected]

Q: How much colorpHlex Step 1 do I add to color?
A: When adding colorpHlex to color, use 1ml of colorpHlex Step 1 per ounce (30ml) of color and developer combined.

ex. If the color and developer combined equals 3oz (90ml), you will add 3 droppers (3ml) of colorpHlex Step 1. If only using 2oz (60ml) of color and developer, add 2 droppers (2ml) of colorpHlex Step 1.

Q: How much colorpHlex Step 1 do I add to bleach?
A: When adding colorpHlex to bleach, use 3 droppers (3ml) of colorpHlex Step 1 per ounce (30ml) of bleach and developer combined.

ex. If bleach and developer combine to make 2oz (60ml) of bleach, add 6 droppers (6ml) of colorpHlex Step 1. If only using 1oz (30 ml) of bleach, add 3 droppers (3ml) of colorpHlex Step 1.

Q: Can I use a toner after using colorpHlex Step 1?
A: Yes, before applying toner, towel dry hair and then apply toner with the proper amount of Step 1 mixed in. Process according to manufacturer’s directions. Rinse, then apply colorpHlex Step 2 for 5 minutes to complete the process.

Q: How much colorpHlex Step 1 do I add to toner?
A: The same amount as you would with color, which would be 1 dropper (1ml) of colorpHlex Step 1 per ounce (30ml) of toner and developer combined.

ex. If toner and developer combine to make 2oz (60ml), add 2 droppers (2ml) of colorpHlex Step 1. If only using 1oz (30 ml) of bleach, add 1 droppers (1ml) of colorpHlex Step 1.

Q: How much colorpHlex Step 1 do I add to fashion colors?
A: After bleaching hair to desired level using colorpHlex Step 1, rinse hair and apply a small amount of Step 2 for approximately 2 minutes. Rinse and towel dry hair. Apply desired colors and follow manufacturer’s directions. Do not add colorpHlex Step 1 to fashion color, just apply color directly to hair. Rinse hair and reapply colorpHlex Step 2 for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and style.

Q: Do you rinse color off til the water is clear then add Step 2? I’ve been shampooing color off and then applying Step 2.
A: This is determined by the manufacturer’s directions and the colorist’s preference. Use manufacturer’s instructions and your professional judgement to achieve the best possible results.

Q: When doing a double process (like a bleach & tone), in which step should I add the colorpHlex?
A: Always use Step 1 in any oxidizing process, so you would add it in both the bleach and toner.

Q: Do I need to bump up the developer volume with colorpHlex?
A: No. Use color and bleach products as you usually would.

Q: Do I need to add more time when I use colorpHlex?
A: No. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for processing time and remove color or bleach when you have achieved your desired results.

Q: Will heat make the product work faster?
A: Yes. Heat is good when using colorpHlex as an in-salon strengthening treatment. DO NOT add heat to color or lighting process unless it is stated in the manufacturer’s directions.

Q: How long do I leave colorpHlex Step 2 in my client’s hair?
A: The amount of time you leave Step 2 on the hair will vary depending on hair type, texture, and amount of damage. It is recommended to leave Step 2 on from 5-10 minutes, but use your professional judgement in order not to over condition the hair.
Step 2 should be left on fine and/or fragile hair for 2 to 5 minutes.

Q: Can I use colorpHlex as a stand-alone/reconstructing treatment?
A: Yes. colorpHlex is the epitome of stand-alone/reconstructing treatments. Directions to use colorpHlex as a reconstructing treatment, as well as instructions for all of its uses can be found here

Q: When doing a full stand-alone/reconstructing treatment, it says to mix the product and apply in a NON-spraying applicator (nozzle bottle). Can the product also be mixed and applied in a spray bottle? In that case (in a spray bottle) do we stay with the same mixture: 1 part Step 1 into 3 parts water?
A: A fine misting spray bottle with Step 1 undiluted is preferable. The instructions for using a nozzle bottle were provided as an alternative if a mister bottle is not available.

Q: Can you use colorpHlex Step 2 as a stand-alone treatment?
A: No. Step 2 is for salon use only and should only be used on hair after a Step 1 treatment (color, bleach, reconstructing, etc.). Please visit our How to Use page for more information.

Q: Can you use colorpHlex in perms?
A: Yes, colorpHlex is easily incorporated into the permanent wave process. After processing, rinsing, and blotting the rods and before neutralizing; simply spray Step 1 directly onto the hair on the rods and wait about 10 minutes or longer and then apply the neutralizer and leave for the full neutralizing time. Then take down the rods and rinse the neutralizer out. Towel dry and apply Step 2 for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse. The hair is then ready for finishing.

Q: Can I use colorpHlex in a “keratin straightening system”?
A. It is best to use colorpHlex before starting the Keratin Treatment process. It is not advised to add colorpHlex into the actual Keratin Treatment.

Q: Can I do 2 processes in 1 day with colorpHlex?
A: Yes. colorpHlex is not a barrier, so you can apply a toner, fashion colors, or highlights over straightened or permed hair. Remember that previously chemically treated hair is also “presoftened” and will process faster.

Q: If I do a perm & color or a color & straightener on the same day. Which step should I be using the colorpHlex in?
A: Both. Always use Step 1 in any oxidizing color process including bleaching and with any texture service such as a permanent wave and both lye and no-lye relaxers. See How to Use page for more information.

Q: Will colorpHlex work on curly, course, and ethnic hair?
A: Yes. colorpHlex works on all hair types.

Q: Will colorpHlex work on previously chemically treated hair?
A: Yes. colorpHlex can be used on Keratin treated, relaxed, and permed hair as well as previously colored or bleached hair. Obviously, previously treated hair will be less resistant and process quickly. Please visit our How to Use page for more information.


Q: Soooo…I used Step 1 on a client today but forgot to use Step 2. We both commented on how great her hair felt! What should I expect out of her hair and what’s the danger of skipping Step 2.
A: First of all, everything is OK. Step 2 is a powerful salon only conditioner that is designed to complete the colorpHlex process. In scientific tests conducted by an independent laboratory, it was found that using Step 1 in the bleaching process produced results that showed the hair to be 3 times stronger than hair bleached without colorpHlex. Hair that was bleached using both Step 1 and Step 2 was 4 times stronger than hair bleached without colorpHlex. So, your results could have been 30% better had you used Step 2. Just wait till next time 🙂

Q: Will colorpHlex affect tape in extensions?
A: Although colorpHlex has been used very successfully on hair extensions, we recommend that you follow the directions and advice of the extension manufacturer.

Q: I’m using colorpHlex on a client next week who has had resistant grey hair and in the past the color I use didn’t cover well, is colorpHlex likely to interfere with the coloring process?
A: No. In fact, many people report that colorpHlex seems to help the color penetrate and definitely reduces fadage.

Q: Has anyone experienced hair color staying in longer while using colorpHlex?
A: Yes, basically everyone.

Q: 1. How long do the results last and 2. is there any ways to ensure that my client’s hair stays salon vibrant until their next color treatment?
A: 1. Because the ColorStrong Complex chemically bonds to the keratin protein in the hair, it is nearly as durable as the keratin itself.
2. Yes! Make sure your client leaves the salon with the colorpHlex Home Care Kit. The colorpHlex Shampoo, Conditioner, and NV Leave-in Treatment are all formulated with the same ColorStrong Complex that is in the professional treatment and will help increase the strength and vibrancy of your client’s hair in between each color treatment.

Q: I am very new to this. I just got a trial kit and am I’m doing a color change (lightning) this week. Does this product just go in bleach to strengthen or in color to prolong the life?
A: The answer is both! colorpHlex should be added to every oxidizing color and/or lightener. Oxidation is the cause of the damage that is associated with hair coloring and lightening. By using colorpHlex with these processes you can correct and reverse previous damage, leaving your hair stronger, shinier, and silkier.


Q: How much do you charge for adding colorpHlex or stand-alone treatments?
A: Price/Marketing is an individual salon issue and that is true for colorpHlex and its related service as well. The most important thing to remember is that you want to make sure your clients see the benefits of adding colorpHlex to their normal color treatments.

We recommend:

  • If you are not booked months or weeks in advance, start off by offering colorpHlex in every color treatment free of charge to your loyal customer base. Get them to fall in love with the “WOW” factor. Once your clientele has had a chance to experience colorpHlex, announce a reasonable price increase for all color services.

Other pricing options we have seen in the marketplace are:

  • If you are fully booked, increase the price of a colorpHlex service (hair color, bleach, etc.) by 20%-40%.
  • Increase the price of a colorpHlex service to cover the cost of the product, plus some profit.
  • Offer reconstructive in-salon treatments at the same average rate (or a little higher) as an in-salon deep conditioning treatment.

Q: Can I have some pros and cons on this product?
A: The pros are as follows:

  • colorpHlex contains the ColorStrong Complex which is a combination of our naturally derived vegetable protein and specially formulated bond building compound.
  • Does not require an increase in strength of the developer.
  • Does not require an increase in the processing time.
  • Improves the results of chemical services (color, bleach, and texture).
  • Makes the hair stronger, shinier, and silkier.
  • Affordable enough to use on every client.

The cons are:

  • colorpHlex is designed to correct damage and reconstruct the hair, so there is little improvement shown on really healthy hair.
  • Step 2 is a powerful conditioner and should never be used without Step 1. If the hair (particularly highly damaged and fine damaged hair) is not properly reconstructed with Step 1 first, the hair can uptake too much Step 2 creating the “over conditioned” effect. This effect will diminish with regular shampooing or be corrected with a clarifying shampoo or treatment.


Q: I would like to know what the difference is between colorpHlex and other bond builders.
A: The difference is the chemistry of the active ingredients:
1. The key ingredient in colorpHlex is our ColorStrong Complex. This ingredient is derived from a natural vegetable protein and combined with a polymer that makes it possible to repair damage without interfering with the color and lightening processes.
2. You don’t need to increase the volume of the developer.
3. You don’t need to increase the processing time.
4. colorpHlex adds protein to the hair, which aids in color development and retention, as well as improves the performance of texture services like permanent waves and relaxers.

Q: Looking into colorpHlex after using Olaplex, can you guys give any advice? What is the main difference between the two products?
A: There are several differences, but the main differences are:
1. You don’t increase the volume of developer over what you would normally use.
2. You don’t need to process the color or lightener any longer than normal; when you have achieved your target color just remove the color or bleach and proceed.

Q: I just switched from Olaplex to colorpHlex and have not done a stand-alone with this yet. I didn’t see any recommendation on the instructions for mixing the stand-alone or for timing. Also do you use heat or no heat for a stand-alone?
A: For the best results when using colorpHlex as a stand-alone/reconstructing treatment, visit our How to Use page for step-by step instructions.

Q: I was told Olaplex had so many patents that it couldn’t be copied so if that is the case, what does colorpHlex have in it and what does it do for the hair?
A: This is a good question with two parts:
1. The first is regarding Olaplex’s patents and being copied:
A patent prevents a company from duplicating a patent-protected ingredient or chemical in an effort to produce and market a copy-cat product. Because colorpHlex uses a different and arguably more effective chemistry, it is not a “copy” nor is it a patent infringement.
2. The second part of the question is the chemical difference. colorpHlex contains ColorStrong Complex which is a combination of a naturally derived vegetable protein and a specially formulated co-polymer system that bonds to the hair to repair damage and make it stronger, shinier, and silkier. ColorpHlex also does not require an increase in the strength of the developer or an increase in processing time.