23 Oct

Toner Instructions

When adding colorpHlex to your toners, first follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the brand of tonerr you are using.
Also remember that when you add colorpHlex to your toner, you calculate the amount of colorpHlex to use by the total number of ounces/ml of the toner + developer mixture combined (not just the toner alone).

NOTE: Please use your professional judgment when working with bleach/lighteners. Processing times will very depending on the brand you use and the color you are trying to achieve.

Instructions for Toning:
1. Prepare toner per manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Add 1 dropper (1ml) of colorpHlex Step 1 per ounce (30ml) of toning mixture (color + toner) and mix thoroughly.
3. Process as per manufacturer’s instructions.
4. Rinse hair thoroughly. Gentle shampoo optional.
5. Towel dry.
6. Apply a small amount of colorpHlex Step 2 to hair and comb through from roots to ends (add more for longer or thicker hair).

NOTE: It is important to remember that you do not want to apply Step 2 to any area of the hair that has not been treated with colorpHlex Step 1 first. To ensure all of the hair has been treated with Step 1, apply Step 1 with a fine mist bottle to any areas of the hair that is not being colored.

7. Leave in hair for up to 10 minutes. (Fine hair will require less time, between 2-5 minutes)
8. Rinse and style as usual.