24 Oct

Stand Alone Full Treatment Instructions

When applying colorpHlex to damaged hair, make sure to assess the degree of damage in order to differentiate if your client needs a Full Treatment for medium to high levels of damage or if your client needs a Quick Treatment for minor damage.

Instructions for Full Stand Alone Treatment:
Spray towel dried hair with full strength colorpHlex Step 1 and work through the hair with fingers and/or a large tooth comb to evenly distribute. [To apply with a non-spraying applicator (like a nozzle bottle) mix 1 part colorpHlex Step 1 to 3 parts water (ex. 4ml Step 1 to 12ml water).]

Place under heat for 10 minutes.
(For super conditioning, colorpHlex Step 1 can be dried into the hair. In this case the hair should be in the desired alignment i.e. combed into smooth lines or for curly hair combed or scrunched into the desired curl.)

NOTE: It is important to remember that you do not want to apply Step 2 to any area of the hair that has not been treated with colorpHlex Step 1 first. To ensure all of the hair has been treated with Step 1, apply Step 1 with a fine mist bottle to any areas of the hair that might have been missed.

After processing, apply a small amount (approximately ¼ oz. or 7.5ml) of colorpHlex Step 2 to the damp hair and comb through from scalp to ends. Leave on the hair for up to 10 minutes then rinse the hair and proceed with the next service.