04 Oct

Bleach/Lightener Instructions

When adding colorpHlex to your bleach/lightener services, first follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the brand of bleach/lightener you are using.
Also remember that when you add colorpHlex to your bleach, you calculate the amount to use by the total number of ounces/ml of the bleach + developer mixture combined (not the beach alone).

NOTE: Please use your professional judgment when working with lighteners. Processing times will very depending on the brand you use and the color you are trying to achieve.

Instructions for Bleach/Lightening:
1. Prepare bleach per manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Add 3 droppers (3ml) colorpHlex Step 1 per ounce (30ml) of total bleach mixture (bleach + developer) and mix thoroughly.
3. Process per bleach manufacturer’s instructions. Monitor carefully.
4. Rinse hair thoroughly. Gentle shampoo optional if applying a toner for double processing. Use the same procedure for toner as for color listed above.
5. Towel dry.

TIP: If toning or doing a double process, apply toner or second process first before applying Step 2- this should be the last step in your process.

6. Apply a small amount of colorpHlex Step 2 to hair and comb through from roots to ends (add more for longer or thicker hair).

NOTE: It is important to remember that you do not want to apply Step 2 to any area of the hair that has not been treated with colorpHlex Step 1 first. To ensure all of the hair has been treated with Step 1, apply Step 1 with a fine mist bottle to any areas of the hair that is not being bleached/colored.

7. Leave in hair for up to 10 minutes. (Fine hair will require less time, between 2-5 minutes).
8. Rinse and style as usual.