21 Oct

Japanese Straightening Treatment Instructions

When adding colorpHlex to your texture services, first follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the brand of straightening treatment you are using.

Instructions for Japanese Straightening Treatments:
1. Apply thio relaxer to hair and process.
2. Rinse, towel blot, and apply colorpHlex Step 1 to the hair by spraying on full strength.

TIP: To apply with a non-spraying applicator (like a nozzle bottle) mix 1 part colorpHlex Step 1 to 3 parts water (ex. 4ml Step 1 to 12ml water).

3. Distribute through the hair.
4. Blow dry and flat iron the hair.
5. Do not rinse. Apply neutralizer and leave for the full time recommended by the manufacturer.

NOTE: It is important to remember that you do not want to apply Step 2 to any area of the hair that has not been treated with colorpHlex Step 1 first. To ensure all of the hair has been treated with Step 1, apply Step 1 with a fine mist bottle to any areas of the hair that is not being chemically treated.

6. Rinse and apply a small amount (about ¼ oz. or 7.5ml) of colorpHlex Step 2 for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.
7.Blow dry, and then flat iron the hair.